My senior portrait sessions are all about you!

We'll consult beforehand to determine exactly what you'd like to showcase, and the best way to do so. Senior sessions take us anywhere and everywhere - the possibilities are endless! If you have special locations and themes already in mind, that's great! If you're unsure and looking for some direction - that's what I'm here for! It's never too early to start thinking about your senior portraits - especially if you're a high school junior, and would like fall, winter, or spring photos. 


Where can we do photos?

- Anywhere! At the park, on the baseball field, in the horse barn, or in my studio - you name it and we'll make it happen


Do you offer hair/makeup services? 

- Yes! For an additional fee determined at the time of booking, we can arrange for a hair/makeup artist to help you look your best


Can I bring my sports/music/hobby stuff?

- Of course! This is all about what makes you, you! 


Can I change outfits? 

- Absolutely. Let's talk about different packages and what they offer in the way of time/number of images to design a session that fits your exact needs


Do I have to have a parent present? 

- While I don't require a parent to be present, it can be extremely helpful in keeping our session on task and organized, so I always recommend having a parent at hand


Can I have someone else in some photos with me? 

- Definitely! 


Can we include my pet? 

- Of course! If you'd like to include an animal that requires handling, please plan on bringing a parent or someone along who can be sure your pet is safe and happy during the portions of the session they're not involved in

a few FAQs

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