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kicking off a week of fun announcements!

I have lots of news to share, starting with the launch of a previously secret section of this website - the Newborn Color & Prop Guide!

Located under the Newborns tab, this page not only catalogs all of the color and prop choices I have available and coming soon, but allows parents to fill in a form ahead of their session indicating their favorite color and prop combinations. This new tool helps me keep track of the plethora of props I hoard in my stash - let's be honest, it's a little overwhelming! - and gives parents the ability to let me know what color scheme and style they'd most love for their little one's session! You can pick colors and props that fit your personal style and in-home display desires. It's so easy, fun, and takes some of the planning anxiety out of the mix for everyone!

This feature works great for milestone sessions as well! Whether you have a roller (3-6 months), sitter (6-9 months), pull-to-stand/early walker (9-12 months), or cake smash (first birthday) session coming up - use the guide to select your color/prop scheme.

Not pictured - all of the hats, headbands/tiebacks, and milestone wardrobe options I've got in stock. I can't decide if this would be helpful, or overwhelming - should I add them?

Head on over to and check it out - let me know what you think! And what you'd vote for as I expand into more colors.... a sunflowery, mustard yellow, and maybe a bubbly aqua are next on my list of things to hunt down.... what do you think? :)

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