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but what if it rains?

When you live where we do, it's almost impossible to count on the weather! Just because you've booked the perfect date, written into your calendar with a Sharpie - doesn't mean Mother Nature isn't going to pull a "not-so-fast, this is Western New York, my friend!"

Sometimes it's clearly unavoidable - when you open your weather app, and your heart drops at seeing those little clouds raining on your parade for the next 10 days in a row. Other times, it's been a beautiful morning, then you're enjoying lunch outside - and the storm clouds roll in, just in time for your 2pm photo session. Or like this summer full of beautiful, sunny, hazy summer days - but, it's 96 degrees + maximum humidity, and you'd rather not be melting, thank you very much!

So, what do we do if the weather isn't cooperating?

First and foremost - I am always more than happy to reschedule a session if there's weather concern. Whether you're hoping for a specific look, or if you know your toddler will be downright miserable - whatever the reason. IF the concern includes a safety hazard - such as extreme temperature exposure, or the possibility of say, lightning - I will put on my referee hat and call for a new time/day!

If however, the weather is iffy - I'll leave it up to you! Sometimes, an overcast sky can produce stunning lighting conditions that make for beautiful photo opportunities. And if you're like me, sometimes running a schedule so busy that the thought of finding a new date/time puts your brain on overload, I'm more than happy to try and dodge the raindrops with you!

Last week, I had clients take different paths in this scenario, and both had successful sessions!

The first was a full session of senior photos, which we decided to go for even though there were scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the region, because it's back-to-school time and just had to happen as scheduled. I've cropped the first photo below so you can see it was legit raining for parts of Hunter's senior portrait session! See those little lines all around him? Yep - raindrops! Good thing he was such a trooper! The final version of this image is on the right - where you'll notice that it's magically NOT raining :)

This session is an example of a successful rainy day shoot - we had to take cover and be patient a few times when it was really coming down, but I'm so glad we were able to fit it in for this busy family:

little lakes photography, all rights reserved.

Another client in this same iffy-weather week chose to reschedule, and I was so glad they did because we had a beautiful afternoon in the park for their family mini session:

little lakes photography, all rights reserved.

...and during their original session time, it was pouring rain!

Long story short? Flexibility is the name of the game! If you're feeling uncomfortable about the weather, let me know - I'd always rather find a new time or day, than to have you feeling unsettled about the look or feel of your session and the resulting photos. At the end of the day, it's not just about the images, it's the memories you tie to the experience - so let's make it a genuinely positive one! Photos don't just look good, they should feel good too - now, and when you look at them in the years to come - rain or shine!

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