Looking for something different?

Let me know how I can go above & beyond for your next project!


Photo retouching

Already have photos, but something's just not quite right? I can help you with that. Some examples of things I can address are blemishes, lighting, tone, clarity, and resizing - to name a few.


Content development

Did I mention I write? I have more than 10 years of experience in developing technically-oriented written reports, technically and socially informative website content, advanced presentation design and delivery, and infographics.


Social media management

Looking for some savvy social media support? I'm intimately familiar with a range of platforms and the analytics and tools businesses can use to improve their reach and engagement.


Interior design

Need some help finding direction for a space in your home, and not sure where to start? I offer a range of services - from a basic consultation, all the way up to sourcing all of the little details that add up to make your house feel like home. From a new look in the living room, to a one-of-a-kind themed nursery - I'm here to help bring your ideas to life!


Print design

Wondering what to do with your beautiful photos? Let's talk! So many of our images are filed away digitally these days. Let's bring your photos to life and create an heirloom that can be picked up, held, and cherished for generations to come. 

I also design brochures, and various other physical print media.


Web design

Like what you see here? Let's talk about what I can do for your website - whether it doesn't exist yet, or does but needs a face lift!


Market research

Yes! Believe it or not, I do that, too. I have 10+ years of experience as a professional market research specialist, during which time I personally worked with more than 300 small businesses to research, write, and debrief customized market research materials.